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Greenway Map
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river plants and animalsA lush garden cemetery.  A dam built for the Middlesex Manufacturing Company.  A gothic Catholic church.   A lone smokestack.  These are among the many relics of the past visible along the Concord River as it flows through Lowell. 

An attentive eye will also notice various natural features, like white water rapids, animal tracks, soaring hawks, and verns & wild flowers. 

Using this website, you can make a virtual tour of the Concord River, its banks, and the surrounding neighborhoods.  Click on the links above to learn more about the area’s history and ecology.

To encounter past and present more directly, take an actual walk on the Concord River Greenway, stretching nearly two miles between the Lawrence Street Bridge and the Merrimack.  See the maps to the left for orientation and directions and click the calendar link above for upcoming events.

students studying water samples


The Concord River Greenway website was developed with funding from the University of Massachusetts President's Office, the Dean's Office of the Division of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences in the University of Massachusetts Lowell College of Arts & Sciences, the University of Massachusetts Lowell Graduate School of Education, the Tsongas Industrial History Center, the Dewing Foundation, and the Fieldstone Foundation.

To view credits for photos, illustrations, videos and maps Click Here (PDF 4.10MB).