White Water Rafting

Our 2016 rafting season is now over.  We'll see you in April 2017 for another great season!

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"It's like seeing the river, and the city, for the first time, and that fosters a deeper appreciation of both.”  -Emilie-Noelle

"And now that my son is two, we love being able to walk...down the Concord River. And it completely made his day when he saw the whitewater rafters coming down the river into the locks! 'People in boats! Have helmets!' he shouted." -Rachel

Are you interested in Concord River Whitewater Rafting?  Then check out the RAFTING VIDEO!  Our rafting experience offers thrilling rafting adventures close to home, where you'll see & learn about history & nature and experience Class III & IV rapids. Our trips run on weekends during April & May, run by Zoar Outdoor and hosted by the Inn & Conference Center at UMass Lowell. We prodive all the equipment you will need, although we recommend you bring some additional gear (see below). See   pricing/cost guide below  .  Volunteer "Lock Tenders" are needed to operate canal locks for this program, so click here to find out how you can volunteer.

Make reservations on-line today or call 1-800-532-7483.


Rafting in Lowell?

The same rapids and waterfalls that brought the textile industry to Lowell, now power one of the most thrilling and interesting raft trips in the United States. You'll raft on class III and IV whitewater through the green heart of Lowell. Your trip concludes with passage through an 1850s lock chamber, which is a National Historic Landmark and a featured attraction at the Lowell National and State Parks.  Top  U.S.G.S. Concord River Flow Gauge

How's the water?

The Concord River is rated Class B, fishable and swimmable. That means it's safe for water contact sports like whitewater rafting. 

What you'll see & learn

You'll see Lowell and learn its history from a unique perspective: great blue herons and swallows will pass overhead, ancient rock outcropping line the rapids, you'll pass beneath elegant stone arched bridges. Our trips pass former mill sites and the oldest power canal in the city. You'll find out why we call this reach of the Concord "Thoreau's Portage."  

What you'll experience

Your trip includes two trips through three sets of rapids - Twisted Sister, Three Beauties, and Middlesex Dam, lead by expert guides from Zoar Outdoor. Whitewater on the Concord River is rated class III/IV on the International Scale of Difficulty.

When do the trips run?

Trips generally begin the first week of April and run every weekend through the end of May (Mid-week group reservations are also available. Please call to inquire.). Trip times are 9am and 1pm.  

Unlike other rafting rivers in New England, trips on the Concord River depend entirely on natural river flow. There are no dams upriver to turn the water on and off. We schedule our trips based on the average annual river flow. After May, there is typically not enough water to raft. If your trip is canceled for lack of water, your fee is completely refunded. Visit the  Concord River Stream Gage for current conditions.

What we provide

We give you everything you need to raft; paddles, personal flotation devices, helmets, wetsuits, and waterproof shoes. 


What you should bring

You'll need to bring a bathing suit (to wear under your wetsuit), a towel, and change of clothes. Wool socks will help keep your feet warm. Wetsuits are supplied complimentary for each rafting participant. 

Rafting trips conclude by ascending 17 feet up through the historic Lower Locks of the Pawtucket Canal.

What does it cost?

-Trips cost: $83.00 per person (plus a 2.5% processing fee)

-One person rafts FREE for every eleven paying guests.

-Gift Certificates Available

-Advanced reservations are required.  For Reservations call 1-800-532-7483.

-We accept Visa and Mastercard.

-Children must be 14 years old. Wetsuits are supplied complimentary.

Rafting trips conclude by ascending 17 feet up through the historic Lower Locks of the Pawtucket Canal.

Make reservations on-line today or call 1-800-532-7483.

Thank you to our partners:

Zoar Outdoor and the Inn & Conference Center at UMass Lowell

We kindly thank our whitewater rafting partners for their support in making possibble this unique Lowell adventure.