Nicole Drive

Nicole Conservation Land is situated north of the hammerhead on Nicole Drive, off Princeton Boulevard.  Nearly half of the property is covered by Black Brook which forms a shallow, pond-like pool and flows east through the property to empity into the Merrimack River.  The property is valued for wetland habitats, biodiversity, and connection with other open spaces and wetlands, including Black Brook, nearby wetlands, and the Merrimack River.


Plan your visit

Location: 16 Nicole Drive. Get directions here.

Parking: Parking is located at the hammerhead on Nicole Dr. 

Access: Primary access is located via an informal trail across an open lawn area.  Passive recreational activities are permitted.

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Wildlife Habitat & Biodiversity

 A short term study completed in 2009 resulted in finding signs of abundant wildlife listed below.

  • Mammals: Common muskrat, raccoon
  • Fish: Common carp, bullhead catfish, pumpkinseed sunfish,  largemouth bass
  • Reptiles: Green frog, bullfrog, painted turtle, snapping turtle
  • Birds: Common grackle, Baltimore oriole, American robin, goldfinch, song sparrow, catbird, mallards, Canada geese
  • Flying insects: Dragonfly, damselfly, caddis fly
  • Macroinvertebrates: backswimmer, isopod, planaria (flatworm), biting midge larva,  snail, damselfly nymph, water mites, amphipod, bloodworm, leach, mosquito larva, water strider

Get Involved

Volunteers play a critical role in helping us care for and monitor our properties.  If you would like more information about any of the properties or would like to volunteer as a land steward, please let us know (978)934-0030.  Action projects, in addition to regular site monitoring, on this property could include: Basic Landscaping, Gardening, Litter Collection.