Spalding House Landscaping

November 12, 2014

     Landscaping is underway in the backyard of the Spalding House, including the installation of a 600 sq. ft. blue stone patio, dry-laid stone walls, and granite steps.  This is a capstone project for the exterior of this historical site in Lowell, following restoration of the house in 1999, the creation of Spalding House Park in 2010, and the restoration of the historic Lambert House (formerly Red Cross) next door completed this year.  When we acquired the Lambert House in 2004, it was hard to imagine this ten years later, but many partners took significant roles in transforming these properties into a unified landscape.  We look forward to having school groups and other visitors walking up from the Merrimack River to learn more about the Lowell’s pre-industrial history.  Stay tuned for more updates!

    We thank Richard and Nancy Donahue, Enterprise Bank, Brown & Rowe, Gilbane, Inc., and all the attendees at our 250th Spalding House celebration for helping the transformation above come to fruition!